Monday, December 27, 2010

Guest post by Alli of Hooray Design - 5 things I cannot live without

Today's "5 things" post is brought to you by Alli of Hooray Design

At Hooray, Alli blogs about design, home decor, her inspiration, fashion, and other beautiful things.  She is also owner of the adorable shop Hooray that specializes in packaging, art prints, and party supplies.

Alli's blogs is one of my favorites for inspiration and for gazing at pretty things.  Her taste is impeccable ad I am so pleased to have her be a part of this series.  Thanks for the guest post, Alli!

5 things I cannot live without by Hooray Design

1. Hand lotion + chapstick (especially during the dry winter). Burt's Bees has my favorite stuff.

2. Notebook - It must go everywhere I am because I'm constantly drawing or jotting down ideas (napkins sometimes serve as stand-ins).

3. Socks -  My feet are always cold so I can't be without them :) I like cute striped ones... and in the winter, thick comfy ones.

4. Water Bottle - As part of my goal to drink more water, I finally recycled my old cheap plastic ones from college and "invested" (aka spent more than $2) on durable, pretty, bpa-free ones. Love them!

5. Handbag/tote - I collect them the way most girls collect shoes (or well, handbags). They're so handy for traveling, trips to the library, and everything in between.
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  1. my feet are always freezing, too.. I love warm socks!


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