Saturday, November 20, 2010

This weekend I'm grateful for...Rain

This Saturday, I am grateful for rain.  It rarely rains here in San Diego, but when it does it is a great excuse to hole up inside the house and gets things done.  Since I have another show in 2 weeks, I could use some indoors-all-weekend time to finish several designs.

Plus, my house is a mess and I have a Thanksgiving menu to plan - all good things to do on a rainy weekend.

I am also grateful for photo editing - I use both Picasa and Picnik.  I am not the greatest photographer and my pics would be completely useless without these two wonderful programs.

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What are you grateful for today? Blog about it and link up over at Maxabella loves...


  1. Ok try again not sure what happened there...But
    I to am grateful for editing tools ... your work is awesome .....have a blessed weekend..
    1st visit hopped over from Maxabella loves

  2. Rainy days without children were my favourite times. Rainy days with children are nausea inducing!!

    I hope you get all of your work done, Gina. Happy Thanksgiving with your family too. x

  3. So lovely to sit inside and listen to the rain and be creative. Sounds fantastic. Gorgeous pics!

    Great to discover new blogs thanks to maxabella, pop over and visit bigwords when you get the chance x

  4. Learning to use those photo tools has been on my to do list forever. Thanks for reminding me. Happy weekend!


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