Friday, November 12, 2010

My Etsy Secrets and Observations: 100 Sales + 1 Year

One year ago tomorrow, I opened my shop {Acute Designs} on Etsy.  It was a bumpy road at first considering I knew absolutely nothing, nada, zero about selling online.  {Or about selling in general.}

I quickly realized that just making beautiful products wasn't good enough.  I read everything I could find on Etsy, blogs, and other forums about online selling, selling in general, customer service, running a small business, motivational tips, and so on.

My biggest takeaway is to never stop learning

I will never know everything {even though at times I pretend to know it all} and am open to constructive criticism any day.

My second big lesson of the past year is this  - Focus on what is useful to believe. 

Is it useful to think that I will fail? Even if it is a possibility, what purpose does it serve to think about the possibility? 

I believe in being an optimistic realist.  Being realistic of my shortcomings and optimistic that I can overcome them.  Being realistic that it is really hard to successfully run my own business and optimistic that I will be a success story.

Focus on what is useful to believe. 

It is not useful to dwell on my shortcomings, mistakes, failures.  It is useful to focus on what will happen when I succeed.

I posted my "secrets" in the Etsy forums.  Click here if you are interested.

Are you running your own business {either full time or on the side}?  If so, what have you learned?


  1. Very true with optimism comes positive energy - with positive energy comes positive thoughts ideas and positive actions - with positive actions comes positive results .... great stuff

  2. My side business has been in operation for six months now. I have learned not to underestimate myself. Initially, I thought "I'll just give it a go - at least I've tried!" thinking I wouldn't sell anything at all. I was quite reserved not telling family or friends until I'd sold a few items. Now I'm quite proud of my little business! I'm looking into launching my own website next year and even reducing my work days to focus more on it! I'm also slowly turning a profit which is great! I'm off to read your etsy post now!

  3. My biggest lesson running a small side business is to focus on what works for me, not what I think I should be doing. I usually work 45-50 hours a week at my day job(s), so I can't waste time doing things that aren't effective for my business. I've figured out that as much as I love Etsy, and I do intend to keep my shop open, my energy is best spent trying to book jewelry parties and custom orders. Those are what return the maximum income for the smallest investment (both in terms of money and my time), and if I want my business to be successful, those are the sales venues I should be focusing on.

    Which I just realized fits quite nicely into your mantra of "focus on what is useful to believe." If I believed I needed to make the bulk of my sales through Etsy, I doubt I'd have managed to turn a profit during my first year!


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