Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to be interesting

The other day I was perusing the archives on CopyBlogger {one of my fav blogs on blogging} and cannot stop thinking about one of the posts I read - How to Be Interesting.

I have an ok blog following, but would like a great following.  One way to get that following is to write interesting posts and engage readers.  I think I am doing an ok job, but ok isn't good enough for me.  I would like to move from just ok to pretty great and I think the tips form the CopyBlogger post are a great help.

Out of the 21 Tips in the post, I think these are to be the ones I can most effectively put into action:

1. Be wrong: The world is full of people trying to do the right things. It’s become so common that many of us are bored by it. We long for someone that is willing to do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, be the wrong thing. If you have the courage to be that person, you’ll find lots of people paying attention to you.

4. Do something: Everybody online is trying to say something important, but very few are trying to do something important. If you want attention, dare not to just give advice to others, but to live that advice yourself. Then blog about it.

6. Make people laugh: Bloggers are far too serious. We’re so busy trying to teach that we forget to entertain. As a result, large portions of our readerships fall asleep. And what’s the best way to wake people up? Humor. Public speakers have been using it for ages, and as long as it’s appropriate for your audience, humor can wake your readers up and get them paying attention again.

17. Disprove the proven: For a long time, everyone thought you had to be the best to be successful. Then Chris Anderson came along and turned the world upside down with The Long Tail. He disproved what a lot of people held to be true, and it made him (even more) famous. Granted, it’s hard to engineer a breakthrough, but if you run across one, people will talk about you for years.

21. Put your readers first: Yes, you’re the blogger. Yes, you’re the one with talent. Yes, you’re the one working your tail off. But it doesn’t matter. The one and only thing of consequence is your reader. You can rail against this fact for as long as you like, but as long you do, you’ll never be interesting.

What do you to to maintain a strong blog following and interest?  How did you grow your blog?


  1. Such great advice - so true that there are so many blogs out there so the best thing you can do is just be yourself!! Love it! :)

  2. Keeping the reader as central is pretty key but also keeping your own message and vision is key too so your readers know what to expect.

    I love Copyblogger - have you read their 30 days to a better blog? That's great and the archived version is free.

    I grew my blog slowly through networking, linking, and refining my content. I'd like to grow more so I can present even more and do even more great giveaways. Good luck to both of us!

    p.s. We can e-mail about this any time too!


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