Monday, November 08, 2010

30 things I will do this year - the list

Here is my list.  The original inspiration for this list can be found on Scoutie Girl.  I read this post a few months ago and was inspired to write my own.

It was really hard and I got stuck here and there, so excuse the lameness of a few.  Overall, this was a really fun exercise.  I forced myself to come up with 30 things as quickly as possible - it can always be amended.

What do you want to do this year?  Is there anything I missed?

  1. Make at least half of what I made at my day job. I can live off half, but more would be nice!
  2. Do more guest blogging.
  3. Invite others to write guest posts for my blogs.
  4. Try new recipes and post more of them on Taste {instead of just eating the same things over and over}.
  5. Exercise at least 4 times a week. {Why is this so hard to do? It is on every resolution list I ever make.}
  6. Stop biting my nails! What 30 year old bites her nails? {This is harder than keeping #5.}
  7. Write an E-Book.
  8. Sell a few copies of this E-Book.
  9. Submit a proposal for a non E-Book.
  10. Create enough inventory so that I always have at least 125 products in my Etsy shop at all times.
  11. Expand my Acute Pet Line.
  12. Expand my Acute Jewelry Line.
  13. Start an Acute Home Line.
  14. Open a shop on my own website and direct traffic there, while keeping the Etsy shop for the occasional stopper by.  {Etsy fees do add up, so it would be great to eventually graduate from solely selling the site.}
  15. Continue to improve my photos.
  16. Hire a photographing student intern.
  17. Follow through on the projects I start.
  18. Make my bed every morning.
  19. Brush my dogs’ coats every week. {There is way too much dog hair in my house and I hear this is one way to cut down on that.}
  20. Try Vietnamese food. {We have a plethora of Vietnamese restaurants in my neighborhood and I have never been. New foods scare me.}
  21. Buy a bike and train my crazy puppy, Finn, to run alongside me.
  22. Create at least 10 wholesale accounts for my products.
  23. Spend more time doing and less time thinking about doing…this one is so hard for me.
  24. Participate in 10 craft/art shows. Hopefully some in other cities.
  25. Visit family/friends in Chicago.
  26. Visit friends in Cincinnati.
  27. Start a mailing list and create a newsletter.
  28. Read more books and less internet. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogs, Facebook, and Twitter…but sometimes I get lost in reading all of these and forget about great books. Books are what made me fall in love with reading and in today’s world of information and entertainment everywhere I look, it has become a little easy for me to neglect all the books piling up on my library list.
  29.  Take a sewing class. I love to sew and am better than the average person, but I would like to be really good. And I would like to be able to make clothing.
  30. Create a look book for the 2010 Holidays. {I should probably stop internetting and get started on this...}


  1. Well Gina, I can definitely help with #20 if you're ever up for pho!
    And, I know a 27 year old who bites his nails like a crazed maniac...don't fret, we've got nail salons. :)

  2. I don't think anything on your list is remotely lame - these are all great goals! Also, definitely try Vietnamese food. I've never gone to a Vietnamese restaurant, but I took a cooking class awhile back and the food was amazing!

  3. you forgot one thing.

    you can replace 18 (you dont need to make your bed) with "go visit my friend norah in brussels.

    oh and vietnamese food is a staple in my life. i grew up with it and just lurve it. if you can have good bowl of pho, everything else will sort itself out.

    happy birthday friend.

  4. Vietnamese food rocks (and Mo too - I saw her in San Diego!) You can start with banh mi (baguette sandwiches) with grilled meat and pickled vegetables! We discovered a new place and were super excited. Vietnamese food is one of my favorite Asian foods because it has a lighter and clean taste.

    I can always guest blog here if you'd like!

    Very cool about the e-book and hope you get to visit family and friends!

  5. I'm so glad you posted this. very inspired right now! good luck to you!

  6. i love this list! i feel like i could have written it! there are about 25 out of 30 things that i'd like to do this year ...and i also turned 30 (in october). good luck with your progress :)

  7. What a great list of 30 things! I hope you have as much fun achieving them as I had reading them. xx


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