Thursday, October 07, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season Three

I watched.  I know I said I wouldn’t watch, but I did.  I have no will power and a penchant for trash TV.

Here are my thoughts:

1. While I don't like to trash the kids {they are usually innocent bystanders in all of this} Kim's daughter needs to not talk with her mouth full.  That whole scene of her eating ice cream while talking to Kim about some hot foreign exchange student made me a little nauseous.  I hate to say that I foresee a teenage pregnancy.

2. Phaedra was so classy.  I know this because she mentioned on several occasions just how classy she is.  You know you are only classy if you tell people about it.  Also, I loved the irony when she discussed potential baby names with her husband, Apollo, stating that so many people have silly names these days.

3. Sha-Ray - ummmm, acting classes?  Riiiiight.

4. Kandi - she really seems nice but her hair kept getting in my way.

5. NeNe -   Her new nose freaks me out.  Srsly.  It is so much worse than her old nose and I could not handle the flipping back and forth.  It was confusing.

6. I miss Lisa.  Her and Ed were a bit boring, but I thought they were cute.

7. There is another new housewife.  A supermodel housewife who may or may not get married to an older man.  She wasn't on the first episode, but she was all over the previews.  She looks like drama.  Should be fun.

Did you watch? Or are you over Atlanta?

{Photos courtesy of Bravo and Access Atlanta}


  1. Ugh. I watched it...and I'm still not a fan. Atlanta is one season that I can not get into! I get hooked on every other city but there's just too much screaming and yelling going on in the ATL.

  2. Yeah, sadly I wish I wasn't addicted to this stuff but it's like a train wreck...I just have to look! What is the deal with Nene's nose? seriously. I liked the old one better fo sho.
    I like Kandi and I agree that Ed and Lisa were great. Ed was pretty easy to look at as well!
    I also agree with Kristin (poster above me) that ATL is my least favs of the housewives. I loved OC, enjoy Jersey and love NY

  3. i don't have cable at home so i don't watch the reality shows but i sure do love reading what others think of such shows! love the thoughts on "being classy" - LOL!!


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