Monday, October 25, 2010

Now, Samantha's Style

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my lingering childhood obsession with the American Girl dolls.  After spending quite a bit of time on the American Girl website, I read that Kirsten and Samantha {another doll I own} have been retired.  For some reason, this made me so sad!  Both dolls were so adorable.

I loved finding Scandinavian/Nordic fashion and decor inspired by Kirsten, so today I am delving into my most beloved time period, the Victorian era. 

While I don't quite remember when my Victorian obsession started, I have a little feeling that it had a lot to do with Retired American Girl Samantha.  I poured over the books, clothing, furniture, and accessories that accompanied Samantha.  To this day I cannot get enough of how adorably Victorian everything was....

{Photos courtesy of American Girl, Amazon, and Ebay}

In the spirit of Samantha's style, I found some perfect Victorian or Victorian inspired items around the web...

1. Elegant lace collar necklace by on Louloudo Etsy.
2. Lace up booties by Urban Outfitters
3. Orange chair by Modern Chic Home
4. Antique style lamp by Anthropologie
5. Adorable girl + bird wood silhouette by Hannah Bella Memories on Etsy
6. Victorian era antique phone by on Fishbone Deco Etsy
7. Navy blue + lace Victorian inspired dress by Modcloth
8. Vintage cameo hairpin set by Acute Designs on Etsy
9. Gorgeous curtains by Anthropologie

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  1. Ok, I have no idea why there are no comments on this post because IT IS AWESOME. But I must be biased because I had a Samantha doll, and I brought her everywhere with me. She still sits on the piano I used to play in my parents' house.

    My Mom and I, out of curiosity, went to American Girl Place in New York recently and the brand has gone crazy. Doll hair salon, doll hospital, kid-sized versions of doll outfits--I would have gone nuts there as a kid.

    I also just bought booties like the ones you've posted, and I adore them. Go Samantha!


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