Sunday, October 24, 2010

Much Love Monday - Happy Ending

Over the past few weeks {months?} I have been counting down to the final day of my soul sucking job and my first day of my new life...a life where I work for myself doing what makes me happy.

I am thrilled to report that my final week is here!  I have looked forward to this week for about a year and a half and am so happy it is here. 

I am a mix of mostly excitement, but a dash of anxiety.  The anxiety stems from "What if I can't do it and have to get another shit job?"  Ultimately, this type of thinking is not productive and will only hold me back.

On this Much Love Monday, I love a happy ending. While the journey to get here has been tough {and at times painfully boring}, I can truly say that this ending is a happy one.  I thank you all for your reading/listening/support.  The blogging community as a whole has been extremely supportive of my non-conventional decision and I am very grateful.

Every "you can do it!" type comment that someone posts on my blog fills me with confidence and inspiration.

Here is to my last Monday of a boring job.  My last Monday of pulling myself out of bed with dreams of the next weekend.  My last Monday of feeling like I am wasting my life for a paycheck. 

Where ever you are in your journey {or if you are right where you want to be} have a great week!

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  1. I'm proud and excited for the new 5 more days and the beginning of something new and amazing.

  2. Oh good for you!! I am in exactly the place you were before now, having the very life blood sucked out of me by my job that I am quickly groing to hate!
    How did you find the guts and how did you prepare to make the leap? I desparately want to be where you are!!
    You have inspired me :)

  3. Couldn't be prouder of my little sister! I know you will be fab and if not at least you won't be miserable any longer!


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