Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blue and Gray

The walls in both bedrooms in my house are painted a pale blueish gray color and I love it.  I could have gone even more gray but since I have a husband, compromise is always in order.

In order to add some more blue and gray to the room, I think I will spruce up with some {or all} of the following:

Cute bedside lamp from Ikea:
Or, this one from Pottery Barn Teen:

Material for my bench project {from JoAnn Fabrics}:

Material for some new throw pillows {from Ikea}:

And {also from JoAnn}:

Barely blue blanket {Ikea}:

 Blue-White Duvet {Also Ikea...I am always on a budget}:
I will be back soon with some room inspiration.


  1. Wow, you should be my interior decorator! All of those things would be perfect in my newly decorated bedroom!

  2. would love that PB lamp for my office...


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