Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rue Magazine

I am obsessed.  The new online mag, Rue, has has so much amazing style.  Such an impressive first issue.  Cannot wait for the next one....


  1. I just took a quick peek at this magazine (can't look too long, I'm at work right now!), and it looks awesome! Thanks for posting about it, I can't wait til lunch so I take a closer look!

  2. No problem! You will love it. It is full of beautiful fashion and home decor.

  3. I am looking to decorate my new house so this looks like it would be a great inspiration!

  4. Emma- Yes, when i looked at the mag I wanted to re-do half my house! Best of luck with your decorating :).

  5. Oh I'm going to have to have a peep... I've almost given up on these mags, they make me sad when I can't even keep my floor clean! ;)

    Thanks for playing FYBF, I'm so glad you joined in. As you probably saw, it's not about Follows, just about having a read of blogs you may not have come across before. I hope you'll come back next week! :)


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