Sunday, September 26, 2010

Much Love Monday - My Little Niece and Food

After a short week last week, I am back at work tomorrow and will be for there for the next 5 weeks until I quit.  Every day it is  harder and harder to wake up, show up, and do...just about anything!

I am so happy the end is near!

Today I am baby niece, Elsie, who visited last week with her mom {my sister} and her dad.  She is the best baby ever and so sweet and cute.  She loves to dance and laugh and watch Elmo on my sister's Ipad. {Or, "Melmo" as she calls him.}

I also love my new farm box which has fresh baked bread and eggs and veggies and juice and potato salad.  All the items are supplied by a local farm and the entire box was just $30.  I am definitely going to be a repeat customer. The tomatoes taste like heaven.
Have a great Monday everyone!

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