Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live Like a Mexican

I heard the most clever commentary on NPR’s Marketplace show {one of my fav NPR/APM programs} this week.  It was written and read by Gustavo Arellano and was all about the new wave of frugalness sweeping the country.  You know, people like me {and I assume a lot of you}, are doing more and more ourselves. 

We want to live a sustainable and affordable life so we do a lot of diy around the house, maybe even can our own vegetables and slaughter {or pay to have it done} our own animals.  I love the notion of getting back to the root of our foods and supporting handmade/indie businesses.  I am attempting to make a life out of a handmade business, so I completely embrace the trend...and I believe it is more than a trend

Gustavo Arellano says all these trends are what the Mexicans have been doing forever. 

"Canning. Food trucks. Knitting. Urban homesteading. Home brewing. The rise of these DIY activities amuses me. Don't get me wrong: I'm all for people growing their own food and sewing their own clothes. These are the new ways of life in middle-class America, a way to save money during the recession. But I gotta ask: What took you guys so long to become Mexican?"

Now, I actually will take this a step further, it isn't just Mexicans that live this way, it was probably your grandparents {or great grandparents, depending on your age} that lived this way too. 

I am not one that hates technology and wants to go back in time, but I do find it oh so interesting that it took decades of over abundance and misuse of our resources in order for us to get back to the way it should be

I like it this way.  I like the trend of handmade, diy, brew your own beer, raise your own chickens {I must try this}, support the small guy, etc.  And I think it is uniquely modern.  We can mix together the time tested practices with our modern conveniences to live in a better place. 

Do you think this is just a trend, or do you think the "Mexican" way of life has staying power? 

Listen to the entire commentary here:

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  1. I have been wondering that for years! What took everyone so long to become Mexicans! Viva Mexico!


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