Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Wants - Saddlebag

I love the saddlebag purse trend and am putting one on my birthday wish list.  My 30th {ahhh!} birthday is just over a month away and I always buy myself a little something.  I will have just quit my soul crushing day job, so I will be tight on funds and all my gifts will have to be budget friendly. 

So far my wish list includes new boots, a new jacket, and one of these bags... 

{Vintage Coach bag by Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy}

{This black purse from Lulus is so inexpensive, maybe I could justify two new bags}
{Dark brown vintage bag by Vintage Shop 11 on Etsy}

{I would love this Hobo bag, but it's out of my price range...sadness!}


  1. I know! I can't stop dreaming of one!

  2. I've always loved messenger bags similar to those... I'm still searching for the perfect one large enough for my laptop. Great list!


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