Monday, September 27, 2010

DIY - Super Simple Cushion or Pillow Tutorial

Last week I blogged about my new patio chairs and the cushions I made for them.  I went to Joann Fabrics looking for my first choice {of fabric which was this trees pattern...thanks for all your input}.

Apparently, this one was not available and had to be ordered.  Actually, none of my choices were available.  All were available on order, but I procrastinated until the last minute and wanted fabric asap, so I had to search around the store and pick from what was available.

I found this aqua and with dark brown geometric shapes pattern:

and this brown with aqua geometric shapse pattern:

I am happy with both choices, but would be happiest with the trees.  I can always order it online and make a few cushion covers - it was so simple.

Here is what I did:

First, I cut one piece of fabric that was the size of my cushion insert, plus about 1 1/2" on each side.

Second, using my cut piece of fabric as a guide, I cut another piece that was the same width and 3" longer than the first piece.

Next, I cut my longer piece of fabric in half and sewed a small hem (about 1/4") on the cut side of each small half of fabric.

Next, I put my uncut piece of fabric down, presentation side up, and placed my two halves on top of it, presentation side down.  The two halves will overlap - you want this to happen because it makes a flap for inserting the cushion or pillow.

Then I pinned up one side (if you are confident, you can just wing it) and sewed the two pieces together.  I removed the pins and sewed the remaining three sides.

Finally, flip the cushion cover inside out to reveal the "right" sides of the fabric.  Stick your insert into the back, one side at a time.

That's it!  Easy peasy. 

If you try this, tell us about it in the comments and if you have any questions - please ask in the comments or email me.



  1. Hi, Gina-I stopped by after reading your comment on Maxabella's post about clutter: "So, either I actually do like it....or I am just lazy!" I found it hilarious and could totally relate. I'm now following and look forward to checking out some more of your diy ideas. I need to get my "craft space" all organized like Maxabella so I can let my little creative light shine! (gotta get my sewing machine tuned up, too) My "tween" daughter is revamping her room and loves diy crafts.

  2. Hi Eastlyn- thanks for stopping by! I'm happy you could relate :). I hate the clutter...but can always find something better to do that fix the problem!

  3. Gina--I can't believe you can make pillows like that. I should have you make some for me. I was wanting something new and bright for my couches. Would you consider it? Or would it look janky? Maybe I should just get new couches.


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