Thursday, September 30, 2010

And More Chandeliers...

After browsing many, many home décor sites for my chandelier post the other day, I started to consider buying my own chandelier. {Actually, I am becoming a bit obsessed.}

My ideal hanging spot would be above the day bed in my guest bedroom/studio/office.

Or, I would also love one outside, but I am not sure how I could hang it. There are no trees above my patio table and chairs. Any suggestions? I really love the outside chandelier look.

Here are some budget friendly chandeliers I found online window shopping at Ikea....

{A candle chandelier would be fun for outside.}

{I like this for above the guest bed.}

{This would also be great for outside - it's simple and so pretty.}

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  1. These are lovely. We're starting renos here next week and one of the things I've insisted on is that even though we are gutting some of the rooms, the beautiful old chandeliers must remain untouched. There is something really gorgeous about them isn't there?


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