Sunday, August 29, 2010

Much Love Monday - Mr. Finny!

Another Monday tomorrow...bleh.  One good thing about Monday is my Much Love Monday pick, which is my puppy Finn.  {Finn is actually a year and a half old, but I still refer to him as a puppy.}  He and my older dog, Gordita, are my little loves, I could feature them every week!

I took these pictures of Finn standing in front of our front door.  The metal work on the door has a heart shape and I thought these would be perfect Much Love Monday photos.  I love the way he kind of looks like a little boy heading off to his first day at school!  All he needs is a cap and a backpack.  Too cute.

{I think he's sick of the photo shoot!}


  1. aww, these photos of Finn are so cute! He looks so happy in that first photo, and yes - he does look a bit tired of the being a photo model in that last one, hehe ;)

  2. What's not to love about Finn? He's so charming. x

  3. Haha... they're always puppies, no matter how old they get! Mine is 4, and he will always be my puppy. (Which is kind of weird, since I didn't adopt him until he was 3!)

  4. He is adorable.... Im in love


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