Sunday, August 15, 2010

Much Love Monday - Gordita

I recently discovered the blog Much Love and I love it.   Every Monday the blogger, Anna, hosts "Much Love Monday" which is a post where readers can link up a post from their blog about something they love.  The post should include a picture with a heart in it. 

Since this is the first time I am linking up on Much Love Monday, I had no time to prepare and had to pull a picture from my archives.  I picked one of my fav old pictures of me and {the love of my life} Gordita.  We both look so young!


  1. He is super cute! I also linked to Much Love and my post was a bit random - but loved.

    I really like your blog and your creations in your etsy shop are very desirable. Happy to have met you!

  2. aww that picture is so sweet..
    thank you for joining in the Much Love Monday fun! :)

  3. its a great weekly post isn't it? Such a lovely way to start off the week. Glad to see you joined the ranks!

  4. Great blog referral and that dog is SOOOOOO adorable!

  5. Great way to start the week, thanks for sharing one of your loves!


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