Monday, July 26, 2010

Finds - Quatrefoil

I would happily place any of these small touches of quatrefoil in my house.  I love the symmetry of the design.  So simple, but not something you see everywhere.  It's something that you might not even notice unless you were looking for it, but the design makes an impact.  I love that.

{Clockwise, from the top left: Pillow by Willa Skye Home on Etsy, Mirror by Decorati, Wallpaper by Modern Chic Home, Knob by Anthropologie, Light fixture by Shades of Light.}


  1. I agree.
    I have an old round side table with quatrefoil doors. It's ugly except for that part so I am making it work!

  2. Laura Lynn- maybe you could give it a makeover to make it less ugly. I am sure that the quatrefoil doors make it a great piece!

  3. This design really does make a statement- love it! I really like the mirror-fabulous!


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