Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Book to Help Your Business - The Boss of You

I recently bought and read The Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business  by Emira Mears and Lauren Bacon.  I am not one to read stuffy business how-to books so I was delighted when I spotted this book at the bookstore.  The authors of The Boss of You are two women who started and run their own successful business and they willingly share their wealth of knowledge in a no nonsense, but fun manner.

A few key things I learned from this book:
  • Define success of your own terms.  When Emira Mears and Lauren Bacon were in the beginning stages of their IT business, they sought out investors.  This when is the 90s when internet and IT companies were hitting it big.  Yes, they wanted to make money and build a thriving business, but they weren't in it to be the richest and biggest in the group.  They said they constantly had to defend their modest business model.  What do you want for your business? World domination? The ability to support your family? Or just enough money for a few "extras?"  Decide this and then you will be more prepared to map out the path your business needs to follow.
  • Finances.  Finances suck, but they're necessary and we all want to make money, so you will have to deal with it.  Once you start making money from your business, taxes will become even more confusing.  The Boss of You dedicates a chapter to some of the basic financial issues.  They don't have all the answers, but they give you a few tips.  Reading this chapter put some ideas in my head that I had not thought of yet and it made me more aware.  If I am going to actually make money from my wee business, I need to think about the nuts and bolts of money.
  • Pricing products or services - there is a great formula to help you out with this simple thing that so many artisans seem to struggle with doing correctly.
  • Marketing - before I started Acute Designs, I never thought about marketing or why I needed it.  I have learned more in the past six months than I could have ever imagined.  The Boss of You dedicates a section to marketing - why it is important and what you can do to make it fun.
  • And a bunch of other stuff that I cannot remember off the top of my head - so go get the book and read it!  Trust me, you will enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Might need to check out that book sometime.


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