Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have recently started to buy/collect different teacups.  I don't intend to drink from them. I intend to use them as decoration, or as little bowls to hold even littler things, or as something....I intend to use them for something, I swear!  Right now, they are in a box and scattered around my house.

After viewing these, I know that I need a bigger house.  I want them all!

{Teeny Teacup by the Family Vintage on Etsy}

{Royal Winton Teacup by Lil Thrift Girl on Etsy}

{Vintage Teacup by Downtown Girl Vintage on Etsy}

{Vintage Avocado Teacup by Forrestina Vintage on Etsy}

{Mix and Match Teacups by The Classic Farmhouse on Etsy}

{Fire King Teacups by Finding Fabulous on Etsy}


  1. Good finds, all--and a lovely blog, too. Thanks for including my avocado cuties in your selection today. :)

  2. Thanks for including my Teeny Tea Cup! Nice finds!


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