Sunshine and Yellow

The June weather is San Diego is referred to as "June Glooms."  For some scientific reason like the ocean isn't as warm as the air or whatever, a marine layer covers the coastal area for almost the entire month of June.  It is strange because you would typically consider June to be a warm, sunny month....not here. But, I cannot complain because the weather is near perfect year round.

As we head towards July, the sun is out more and more and it has me thinking yellow. Lately I have been digging the color yellow in a house.  I am considering painting my kitchen yellow and a new desk I just bought off Craigslist yellow.  Too much?  Maybe.

In a fun coincidence, there was a color section on yellow in this month's House Beautiful.  So, it must be a sign.  I am for sure painting the desk I just bought.  That's a given.  The kitchen would take a lot of work, so I might hold off.  Maybe I will do just one wall.....
Paint for the desk. I like how it's a subdued shade.

I love this darker honey shade for the kitchen.

And some inspiring photos....

Lovely yellow door.

I love the shade of that pale yellow wall.

The yellow chair gives this kitchen a nice pop of gives me confidence that my yellow wall will do the same.
{All photos in this post are courtesy of House Beautiful}


  1. I love the idea of a yellow desk. What a warm, cheery place to get work done :)

  2. Love the color yellow for home decor. It just screams fresh & spring. My bedroom is yellow - my only complaint is that there is not a ton of bedding choices as of late featuring the lovely color yellow!

  3. yellow is such a cheerful color to have in a home. our kitchen is a light yellow and i love it.

    p.s. i received the necklace and it's fantastic! thank you!


thank you so much for your comment! i read and enjoy each and every one :).

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