Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Office and a Guest Bedroom

In my new house, I am going to utilize the second bedroom much the same way I currently use our second bedroom - except it's going to be so much better!  Why?  Because it so much bigger.  I currently have a day bed, large secretary desk, Ollie’s Saloon, and two dressers all packed into a small 8' x 7' room.

The new room will easily be able to hold all of that {this dresser will probably go into the other bedroom} without feeling cluttered.  Plus, the new room has a large closet so I will easily be able to store all of my supplies in an organized fashion. {They are currently stacked in bag and boxes on the floor.}

I love the shelves and the brightness of this work space.
Again - brightness and shelves and I love the touches of pink.

The pale green mixed with the rustic desk is just perfect.  I also love the letters...I love monogrammed inspired things.

This is my favorite. I have a daybed in that exact color, so I can really envision my office/guest room looking like this {I will add an eclectic touch}. I love the pale green and have just added this color to my list of paint colors....so many decisions to make.

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