Thursday, June 24, 2010

New House

I have been looking for a new, affordable, and slightly larger house for about the past year. My husband and I currently rent an adorable little house right by the beach. The view is amazing, the breeze is perfect, and the neighborhood is safe. It has been a wonderful 3+ years, but due to the aforementioned "by the beach" the rent is a little OOC, which is why I have been looking for something new.

About six months ago, we decided it was time to move inland. {Inland is always cheaper.} Last week we finally found something that is bigger than we have now {not huge, but a little bigger}, very well maintained, clean, safe neighborhood, fenced yard, allows my two crazy mutts, and is far cheaper. All the pieces fell into place, but it was still a hard decision. It is amazing how you become attached to material things like a house.

So, for the next month, I will be in moving and packing mode. I have anxiety just thinking about packing, finding movers, and switching the cable and gas and electric. All those things will need to be done and I know I will get them done; I just don't want to think about them. Instead, I am thinking about the fun stuff - painting and decorating. Since it's a rental, nothing too crazy can be done, but I can paint.

The bathroom has a counter similar to the color on this one:

I know this is a kitchen, but the color of counter is what I am focused on.

I painted the bathroom in our current house a pale sea green and I love it. Everything else is white and the whole thing looks fresh and clean.  I love green in a bathroom.

I love this color...maybe I will stick with green in the new bathroom...

Since the counter in the new bathroom is darker, I am considering some different shades.   My husband loves the color blue....but I am more inclined to go with a pale blue/gray color.

Too blue for me. I don't want to feel like I am at a swimming pool.

I like how this one is more gray {almost white}, with small touches of blue, green, and purple.

{Photos courtesy of Home Depot, House Beautiful, and Country Living}

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  1. Lovely photos! We're moving into a townhouse in August, so I've been thinking about colour schemes too. I love the sea-green in the first bathroom picture, and I hadn't actually even considered it before. Unfortunately we're moving into student res so I have no idea what the place looks like or what colours are already there, or I would already be planning too! Good luck with your move!


thank you so much for your comment! i read and enjoy each and every one :).

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