Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer!

It is finally starting to feel like summer and today it is official.  I love summer.  It is by far my favorite season. San Diego summers are the perfect temperature - warm and sunny, but not too stifling and humid...and no mosquitoes!  Despite the perfect weather, I miss the stifling heat and humidity of the midwest.  My husband thinks I am crazy, but I really do miss it.  {I do not miss the mosquitoes.}

I haven't been a traditional student in 7 (ahhh!) years but every June, without fail, I feel the need to have the summer off.  Does anyone else think it's a complete injustice to program people from birth that summer = freedom and then just rip it all away at fragile the age of 22?  I do.  It's preposterous and I hate every bit of it.  Summers should just be free and fall should be a new beginning.

{Maybe it's the reason so many people get a master's degree....or become teachers?}

Photo courtesy my friend {and amazing photographer} Norah


  1. We have stifling heat and humidity here in Florida and I'm like you: I love it. There is NOTHING better than a cold drink on a hot beach.

  2. I'd love to go back to having summertime off... lol

  3. Cant get anymore humid then Hawai'i ;) glad your on your way to enjoying the summer!

  4. Or have babies at the end of plan. Ever.


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