Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nautical Necklaces

Nautical is big this season and to me two things from this trend stand out - rope and stripes.  I just bought this shirt from Target and love it:

To play off the nautical trend and this necklace that I spotted at Anthropologie:

I made some necklaces from rope (they are actually curtain tie backs from the fabric store - they are already the perfect length and are thick and sturdy).

These will be up in my Etsy shop soon!


  1. Love it. Can't wait to see them in your shop!

  2. nice job. I know etsy has been featuring Nautical items. I bet you make it to the front page with this.

  3. Brilliant! What a creative idea & very unique! I haven't seen anything like this before! I think they are gunna sell like crazy!

  4. Can't wait to see them in your shop!

    I saw you on the etsy forums and I'm your newest follower. Stop by when you have time!


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