Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Make Product Tags

I am an avid reader (and have contributed an article) of Meylah. Never heard of it? Meylah is a fantastic blog with timely articles and tips dedicated to those in the business of growing their handcrafted business. On Meylah, you will see tutorials from how to make a banner to how to get more Facebook fans. You will also find articles with tips for saving money, increasing traffic, or avoiding shipping snafus.

Last week, I saw this tutorial about creating homemade tags. The article offered a few ideas that I had not thought of before. Thus far, I had been printing my tags on cardstock and handwriting the price on the back. This is all good and fine, but in order to make my tags stand out a bit and look more professional, I followed the advice on Meylah and tweaked my tags.

Also, I wanted hand tags to use for holding my sets of three flowered bobby pins. The tutorial was the perfect nudge in the right direction and this is what I made.

Materials you will need:
-Textured Cardstock
-Printed Mat Stock (in any pattern you prefer and that fits the esthetic of you rcompany)
-Corner Punch

1. Use the cardstock to print your logo, business name, and store website address (or any other info that you feel is necessary). Be consistent with your logo so that it becomes recognizable. Always use the same color and font.

Try to stay away from only using popular Microsoft Word fonts. You will notice many Etsy shops that use the same fonts over and over (I’m looking at you Papyrus and Comic Sans). Try to use a less common font or download a unique one from 1001 Free Fonts.

Copy and paste you’re your tag info over and over on your Word Document, ensuring that you leave room to cut a generous border around the info. It is always better to have a little extra paper than to be cutting it too close!

2. Once the logo sheet is complete, print and cut out each one. This is time consuming and a little boring so I usually do it while watching good reality TV!

3. Cut the printed mat stock paper into shapes similar to your tags, but slightly larger in order to leave a small border around the logo tag. Next, use the corner punch to punch the corners of the mat stock paper.

4. Use a glue stick to adhere the logo tag to the mat stock tag.

5. Either clip pins on to the tag, or punch a hole and string a thin ribbon through in order to hang the tag off a product.


  1. Ooh, nice idea. They look really good!

  2. Love the tags and the flower pins are great to.

  3. The tags are great. I do hair pins now and then and these would be perfect.

  4. These are so adorable and cohesive to the whole cool vintagey chic look {AD} has going on! Love them. Thank you for sharing!

  5. lovely! very professional looking..

  6. Love it, love it, love it! They look great & we are so delighted to see some of Meylah's tips and tricks in action. You just made our day. :)


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