Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Elsie!

Today is my niece Elsie's first birthday.  I cannot believe that she is already one year old.  She is becoming such a big girl.  I haven't seen her in 5 months and am visiting her next weekend  - I hope she's still a baby!

Elsie was named after our grandmother who passed away about a year before she was born. 

A few weeks ago on Mother's Day almost all the blogs I followed had posts dedicated to their mothers. (I didn't do this. I am a horrible daughter!)  I loved seeing all of my favorite bloggers' moms.  All the yellowish tinted, circa 1970s-early 80s, photos were fantastic.  There is just something about an old photograph that makes people look better.

I decided to flip through my photos for yellowish tinted ones of my mom, and I ended up finding several of my grandma, the older Elsie.  I haven't looked at these pictures in a few years and I was struck by her beauty.  I wish I had inherited her skin - it's beautifully dark and looks so perfect. But I was more so struck by my memories of her.  She was so laid back, so loving, so kind.  The kind of person we all hope to be.  Or at least, to know.

The day before my grandparents were married.  This is my favorite picture of them.

This was taken before my parent's wedding.

See what I mean about the skin?!

My grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary.

A 70+ year old woman in a bathing suit!  She looks fantastic. This is how I remember her.

My grandma would be so proud to know that my sister named her baby Elsie.

{Baby} Elsie -  if you are half the woman your great grandmother was, you will be amazing.    Happy Birthday, I love you!


  1. happy bday elsie :) and TFS your pics...I love reliving and cherishing memories through pics!

  2. read this for the second time this morning, and it still got me all choked up. So so sweet. Elsie is so lucky to have you as an aunt, Gina. xoxo

  3. Favorite Post. Ever. Thanks for visiting me, Aunt Beanie! Love, Elsie Jane


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