Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gap - 40% Off Sale

****Update***** I was wrong - it is actually Gap Outlet stores that are 40% off this weekend.  I am not sure I can handle an outlet mall and a sale like this on a Saturday.  Maybe I will find the strength!

Allegedly, everything at The Gap will be 40% off this weekend.  I have been a Gap wearer for a long time.  I love it for basics (tanks, underwear, sweat pants) and the pants and jeans just fit me really well.  (I have a hard time finding affordable pants and jeans that fit well...I guess we all do!)  And, every once in a while I am blown away by a dress I see at the Gap.  I am not all impressed with their current line-up of dresses or tops, but I am in love with a few things (mostly pants).

The sale is for in store at Gap or Gap Outlet only.  Since I am half sane,  I will not go to an outlet mall on a Saturday, but I am willing to go to a regular mall.  I mean, 40% off is a lot of percents off, so it only makes sense that I should buy all of the following....

I do love their jeans and I am obsessed with cropped...so these Cropped Skinny Jeans are perfection to me!

More cropped, this time in Khaki.

This Dress is my style...the rest of the stuff on the Gap site is too bohemian and not enough chic for my tastes.

And Pants again.  These are adorable.

When I first saw the 40% off ad, I was super excited and thought I would love more of the current Gap items, but I don't.  Seriously, some of the stuff just looks like a joke this season.  They are so hit or miss.

Either way, I will go for the above and save 40%!

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  1. haha, i still have my hella old ikea dresser from college. the middle drawer doesn't pull out anymore (well it does, but then it falls down so i don't pull it out). definitely time for a new one..


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