Monday, April 05, 2010

I impressed myself...

with how handy I am! Seriously, I am shocked that Bob Vila hasn't offered me a job.

Here's the story -

A few months ago, I was walking my dogs.  It was night and I could see in a neighbor's house (I wasn't spying, they had their blinds open) and I noticed that they had shelves above their washer and dryer.   Really, I wasn't spying, I was waiting for my dog to pee and just started happens.

Anyway, their shelves got me thinking, "I need shelves above my washer and dryer. Genius!"

That weekend, I went to one of my favorite places, Ikea, and bought these simple, inexpensive shelves and hung them sans husband (no surprise here, Neil isn't much of a "work around the house" kind of guy). 

Simple, but I guess my walls aren't capable of holding them (or I don't know the proper way to hand things).

I was very proud of myself until a month later.... when I heard them fall.  Ahhhh!!!!  At that point I was annoyed and decided the project was useless.  A few days later, I got over it and went back to Ikea looking for a solution.

I found this cheap contraption and figured it would fit behind my washer and dryer (bottom shelves excluded).  I get home, assemble it, realize that the two front plans need to be removed (I should measure things first), got blisters screwing and unscrewing, finally got it all to fit and...success!

I start to place random crap on the shelves and realize that if I put so much as a roll of toilet paper on the two lower shelves, they would sag.  Ok, so this is what those front planks did, they reinforced the shelves.  Duh.
I just bought the tall one on the left.

So, I thought for a while and came up with the solution of brackets to reinforce the shelves.  I installed the brackets and happily placed all of my crap on each of the shelves.

All my junk has a place...and the shelves are sturdy!

Notice the brackets? I took the ones from the first Ikea shelves and used them for the second shelves.  I know, you want to hire me, right?

I really love when a household fix-it project is a success.  Hopefully these don't fall.  Since they are essentiallly standing and nailed to the wall, I think I'm good.

I impressed myself today, now it's time for a beer!

Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. Nice job :P Rare to find shelves that are really sturdy and look pretty good!

  2. Noogal CreationsApril 5, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Oh that looks great! Fantastic when you can find ways to do something different. I need to go on the hunt for draws... need to organise my space better.


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