Monday, April 05, 2010

Etsy Advertising Experiment - Blog Advertising

After two weeks of busy-ness, I am back and ready to delve further into my Etsy advertising experiment. Here is a little recap of what I have done:

1. I have submitted a million items to Craftgawker and have been denied each time. Per many of your comments, you have experienced the same with Craftgawker. And, I have heard from those who have been accepted say that it doesn’t drive much traffic to their site. For now, I am done wasting my time with Craftgawker.   I might try again in the future - no one likes rejection!

2. Craftopolis….great site to work with, everything as far as submitting my ad was seamless. The only down side is that they just don’t get as many visitors as Craftcult. Per my Google Analytics data, Craftopolis sent visitors than my Facebook Fanpage and that is free. I don’t think Craftopolis was a waste of money, just not a huge success.

3. Craftcult was a success. The amount of traffic to my Etsy shop increased and Crafcult was the number one source of traffic. Also, I got a sale during the time my ad was up. I am not sure if this was due to the ad, but I will take it! Craftcult was also very easy to work with and I am planning on buying a $15 week long ad from them this month.

4. Craigslist – Free, but a waste of time. This didn’t send one visitor to my shop.

What next? Well, I mentioned buying an ad on a popular blog and I am still leaning towards that. The great thing about Craftcult and Craftopolis is that they are user friendly and inexpensive, however I wonder if the audience is just other sellers?  I want to reach the next realm of potential customers, not just other Etsy sellers or people who are already hip to the handmade/indie products movement.

I know there are a lot of potential customers who would love my stuff, but their idea of shopping might be limited to the typical mall. SO, my challenge is to reach this group of customers. …and a widely read blog might be the answer. I will never be able to reach them all, and truthfully a lot of people would rather buy a $5 headband from Forever 21 than a $20 handmade one from me. But, if I can reach a slightly wider customer base, then the potential for more traffic and sales will increase.

Off to contact a few blogs….

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  1. How awesome of you to post this. I'll be using it as a reference when I get around to doing some advertising.


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