Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Before and After - Ollie's Saloon

 Last week I went to Goodwill intending to buy a few pieces for my display for a craft fair I am in this Saturday (more about that later in the week). When I was there, I glanced in the furniture room (I couldn’t help it) and saw a possible perfect piece of furniture.

It was a bar that someone had crafted from a basic cabinet. I didn’t need a bar, but I needed a cabinet to house my jewelry, makeup, etc and it was only $45….so, I bought it, sanded it, and painted it.

The doors of the cabinet had at one time been fitted with circular holders – probably meant for glasses. And, the top had been made to pop up and a faux marble shelf was built into the top section – probably meant for making drinks.

When you raise the top up, there is a mirrored sign that reads “Ollie’s Saloon.” My original thought was to take that sign out and completely paint the inside white, but as I was sanding the piece, I changed my mind.

(This is where I get crazily attached to material things.)

I started to think about Ollie. Who was he? Why did he make this bar? Was he an older man who made this when he retired and then invited his friends over and proudly fixed them a drink? Then, I started to imagine him making drinks at a Christmas party, showing everyone the bar he made.

Where is he now? Is he dead?  Why is his precious bar at Goodwill?

Basically, I became attached to Ollie and could not take down the sign. (I hope he wasn’t an asshole or my whole sentiment is ruined.) I left the sign and didn’t paint the inside of the lid because I was on a time crunch and because I ran out of sand paper.

Eventually I want to sand and paint around the "Ollie’s Saloon" sign. I also want to fit in a fabric lined shelf over the faux marble one.

I am not crazy about the knobs with the paint color, but I had them on hand (I buy clearance knobs at Anthropologie all the time) and they are better than the ones that came with the piece, so they will do for now. In the next few weeks, it will improve.

I ended up painting the inside white and the outside pale green (also known as sea foam, sea green, pistachio, you get the idea).  I love this piece of furniture. And I love the Ollie I created in my imagination.

Before - brown and drab

After - pale green and soothing

The glass holders that were built into the doors.

The inside was painted white and I am using the former glass holders to hold hair accessories and large necklaces.

 The handles that I am not crazy about...they're ok, I just think I would like two in a darker color.
 Pictures on top.
 The faux marble shelf that will eventually be changed to a fabric lined shelf.  I mentioned to my husband that I could make a padded shelf and then this would one day make a fantastic changing table for a baby....he ignored me!
Ollie's Saloon - This is staying.  Babies love mirrors....


  1. Good for you for keeping Ollie's spirit going ;) nice find too!

  2. Such a great refinishing job and I love the Ollie's Saloon sign. I also like the fact that you covered all your bases and hope that Ollie wasn't/isn't and A-hole! LOL

  3. this is fantastic! thanks for sharing :) i totally agree with wondering where certain pieces in thrift shops came from...who did they belong to? every old piece has a story, right?!


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