Sunday, April 25, 2010


Tomorrow is my two year wedding anniversary and today is the one year anniversary of when I took home my puppy, Finn.  {Finn was my anniversary present last year.}  I had been begging and begging my husband to get another dog, and he finally agreed to get one as an anniversary present.  So, on April 25, 2009, we went out looking at my hubby fell in looooooove with a little blonde collie/golden retriever mix. 

Who knew collie/golden mixes were so crazy and high energy?  I definitely did not know this.  Finn is crazy and high energy but also the sweetest boy and super smart.

The day we brought Finn home (the other dog is my princess, Gordita).

That sweet little baby turned into this handsome (and wild) 65 pound boy!

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  1. I love that your post is all about your dog...what about your wonderful husband, Neil??


thank you so much for your comment! i read and enjoy each and every one :).

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