Monday, April 12, 2010

Advertise on a Blog, Part Two

As noted earlier in the week, I decided to buy an ad on a popular blog to advertise my Etsy shop. The blog I am currently advertising on is called Down and Out Chic. I have been reading this blog for a few months and loving every post. The advertising rates are really reasonable (cheaper than Craftcult and Craftopolis) and the blog owner, Christina is super nice and helpful.

My ad has been up for a few days and I have noticed traffic trickling in from Down and Out Chic. It isn’t an overwhelming amount, but for the price, I feel that it is worth it. Currently, Down and Out Chic is running a sale of 10% off all ad rates and your ad stays up for a month. For this month of advertising, I only paid $36…I think that’s quite a good deal and I am happy to sponsor a blog that I love.

If you want to advertise or sponsor one of your favorite blogs, this is what I suggest doing:

-Make a list of 5-10 of your favorite blogs. Look for blogs that you read and feel are useful. Also, if they have a high number of followers and a lot of traffic, then they are extra desirable. Think about it, a blog with 30 followers won’t see as much traffic as a blog with a thousand followers and the idea is more traffic + more clicks on your shop = more possible sales.

-I put the blogs I was interested in, into Alexa and picked the three with the highest traffic ranking (number of followers is not the only indication of traffic).

-Once I decided which blogs I wanted to advertise with, I checked them out in detail to make sure they offer ad or sponsorship spots (some blogs don’t do this). Then, I sent the blog owner an email and asked about rates. One blog that I love and hope to sponsor in the future was a bit beyond my price range, but Down and Out Chic fit my budget and needs.

-I have the other blog rates saved and plan to advertise on them in the future.

-The bloggers often ask you to email them a button or banner (Craftopolis and Craftcult ask for this too). Each site will specify button size. I have read that these can be made on Photoshop, but I don’t have this program. So, I made mine on a super easy website called Banner Fans.  I am sure there are a million other sites.  If you know of one, please post it in the comments because banner Fans is easy and free, but I would like to check out other options.

That’s it! Overall it is an easy process of emailing back and forth. You will find that the blogs you love are run by friendly and helpful people who have a passion to support handmade and indie businesses.


  1. Thanks for this! Great advice :)

  2. you've written a really helpful, informative post. i'm glad you've decided to work with d&oc and your banner is so pretty i think it adds to the page's look!

  3. Thanks Christina! I am happy I decided to work with d&oc too :)

  4. glad you found a wonderful blog to sponsor! way to do your homework!


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