Friday, March 19, 2010

Update on My Etsy Advertising Experience

Last Saturday, I blogged about experimenting with different low cost and free ads for my Etsy shop, Acute Designs.  I paid $15 and bought an ad on Craftopolis and I placed an ad on Craigslist.

Per my experience, Craftopolis quickly responded to my ad request and the ad I submitted has been there on the site every day.  I tracked my progress in my Google Analytics account and saw a slight bump from this site.  The first day the ad was up, I received the most views from Craftopolis and it steadily decreased each day since.  Yesterday, I only saw 3 views from the Craftopolis site....not very exciting!

I have heard other Etsians boast about their success from Craigslist.  Personally, I did not receive one hit from the Craigslist ad, but I did receive some expected spam.

All in all, the $15 to Craftopolis was worth it.  If the ad would have been over $20, I would have felt like I wasted my money.  As for Craigslist, I might try that again in a few weeks.  It is free, so there is no loss in trying.

This week I am going to take out an ad on Craftcult.  Per the internet traffic measuring site, Alexa, Craftcult is ranked 9,808 in the U.S. and Craftopolis is only ranked 26,428.  So, based on those stats, Craftcult gets far more traffic than Craftopolis.

A standard ad on Craftcult is also only $15...hopefully it brings more traffic and some purchases to my shop.

{On another note, the lack of traffic from my Craftopolis ad could have been the ad I designed...I am going to design and submit a completely different ad for the Craftcult submission.}

Wish me luck!


  1. hope you get better results. just bought a showcase for tomorrow! hope it yields something :)

  2. Thanks for the update Gina. Let us know how craftcult goes. Good luck and more sales to ya!

  3. Good luck! I'm really interested to see how these things go for you!

  4. Hi Gina! Did you get any sales from the views? Good luck!


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