Friday, March 26, 2010

New Business Cards

I have been considering buying letterpress business cards for a while.  There are many artists on Etsy that make gorgeous letterpressed cards and there is a shop in my neighborhood that does them as well.  I just love the uniqueness of the cards.  Personally, when someone hands me a unique, well designed business card I love it and am interested in the company.  When I get a boring, standardized card, I just stick it in my wallet and forget about it.

Until this week, my business cards had been standard, boring cards.  I bought typical business card paper at Target and printed them from Microsoft Word.  Pretty boring!  Due to the dullness of my cards, I considered investing in unique handmade cards on Etsy.  I received prices form a few stores I admire, but it was all priced a little high for me.  I am definitely willing to pay for something special if I have the budget, but unfortunately I do not have much of a budget right now.

In order to save money and create a unique business card, I decided get creative and make my own from long boring white Microsoft program business cards.

This is what I bought:

-textured card stock in off white ($6 for 10 sheets)
-two ink pads, one in olive green and one in dark grey ($7 total)
-a simple paper cutter ($12)
-a custom stamp from SandShooters on Etsy ($15)

Total spent: $40 for 120 cards....and the paper cutter and stamp are one time costs....and the stamp pads will last for a few more batches of cards.

All in all a good deal.

I created a rounded rectangular shape on Microsoft Word, typed in my info, put an olive green border around the shape, copy and pasted the sheet in order to get 12 per sheet and hit print.  That was the easy part! The hard part was hand cutting each card.  The paper cutter was a huge time saver, but I had to use a pair of old fashioned scissors in order to get the close edges.

On the back of each card, I used my Acute Designs logo custom stamp to create a bit of extra flair.

The logo I used for the custom stamp I bought.

I am happy with the results.  I did spend a lot of time cutting, stamping, etc and could have easily spent no time just paying for nice, professional cards....but I found this all to be a lot of fun. I guess I just like to make stuff!

Maybe one day I will budget some funds towards letterpress business cards, but for now, this is what I've got.....


  1. Cute cards! I usually get mine from but your method is more cost effective (it's basically about .50 a card from Moo). Thanks for sharing your do-it-yourself version!


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