Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is anyone else ridiculously excited?

I forget this is going to happen, then an article, gossip site, DVD box, or something reminds me and I get so.excited!

I am definitely not in the group that thinks they should have just stopped at one...I am in the group that will be there the day it opens and I will be shushing the inevitable tipsy ladies in the crowd. (And my husband will go with me; don't tell anyone but he is a fan too.)

What is this all about?!


Obsessed. Literally. Beyond.

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  1. aaahhhh!!! i'm as excited as you are! i've watched the first movie so many times, my husband just rolls his eyes when i pop it into the dvd player (but ask him about any episode over the 6 seasons and i guarantee he could give you an honest answer :) cheers to being a crazy fan!


thank you so much for your comment! i read and enjoy each and every one :).

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