Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anthropologie Obsession

Did you all know that there are blogs totally dedicated to Anthropologie?  One of the most popular ones that I love is called Effortless Anthropologie, but there are several more.  If you have a love for Anthro - or Anthro-esque things, check out Effortless Anthropologie.  You won't be disappointed!

Due to the average price of clothing at Anthro, my obsession is often limited to browsing.  Luckily, they have great sales and, inexpensive small items for the home.  My typical Anthro buys are dishes, handles and knobs, and candles (I love their candles).

My mom is in town this week and we are heading to Anthro after I am done with work....hopefully I can find these (and maybe convince her to buy them for me!)...

{I love these colorful bowls}
{These are my favorite candles.}

{I always break the drinking glasses I buy at Ikea, so maybe these will stand up to my washing!}

{Pulls for a piece of furniture I recently acquired. I have been eyeing these pulls for a while and they are finally on sale!}

{Completely out of my price range, but I looooove this dress.}

 {Another dress I love and this one is more in my price range.}

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