Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Advertising Experiment, Part Three Craftcult and Craftgawker

If you have been following my Etsy advertising experiment, then you are aware that I took bought an ad for my Etsy Shop {Acute Designs} on Craftcult this week.  The ad started Wednesday and will run through Saturday.  I could have paid the same amount ($15) and bought an ad on Craftcult for a week, but I went with the "carousel" option instead of the "sidebar" option.  {If you have ever been to Craftcult, then you know what I mean.}

My thinking was that the carousel ads were more visible to the site's visitors and...the best advantage is that for the carousel ad, I just sent Craftcult a few links and they created the ad for me. So, I didn't have to make another ad...and I was at work and had no access to ad making, so really, this was my best option.

These are three of the links I chose.....

Overall, I have seen a jump in visitors today, the first day that my Craftcult ad has been live.  Sales? Not so much, but I will keep you all posted.

In regards to Craftgawker....have any of you tried this site?  You can submit a photo and a short description of an item and if they like it, you will be published on their site for others to, well, gawk at.  Sounds easy, right?  Not for me!

I guess they don't like my style because I have submitted a lot and never made it on the site.  Admittedly, the first photos weren't that good, but my photos have improved SO much but it's all deny, all the time.

I say this in no offense to any of you that have been accepted by Craftgawker, but some of the pictures they have on their site are complete crap.  On the other hand, some are amazing, so I just don't get it.  I am going to keep trying...maybe I will get on one day.

Yes, I am bitter.

Updates on Craftcult later this week....stay tuned.


  1. Very curious about Craftcult. Not too sure how it works. I have seen referrals from their site on my Etsy Google Analytics but not sure how they referred people to my site. Can't wait to here more about your ad through them. Hopefully you will get some sales =)

  2. OMG i thought it was just mine that they kept declining!
    i submitted 3 and all 3 were declined for reasons "poor lighting" but then i saw others and their lighting was exactly like mine so i was confused.

    dont know about that!

  3. hope you get some sales..cant wait to hear the results :0)

  4. lol I don't really get Craftgawker personally, in understanding how it could help me get sales nor what criteria they must be using. As for Craftcult, do keep us posted on if increased sales result! btw I think your pics are great :) who needs Gawker anyway?? (jk)

  5. This is a great experiment! I think for people who sell on etsy (as I've experienced myself), we are so eager to get sales that we don't see how an increase in traffic may later increase our sales. It is about creating awareness of your products so that when I potential customer thinks, "I need _______" they think of you first as a place to get it.

  6. great blog post!
    and i totally agree with craftgawker....why do they not like our pictures....maybe the mystery will never be solved...


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