Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tweet! Tweet!

As I see the reports of snow falling on the east coast and the Midwest again and again, I know people are ready for spring.  Since I live in San Diego, I don't feel that same "I need warm weather urge" because it's pretty much perfect weather here every single day.

Before I moved to San Diego, someone asked if I would miss the change in seasons....I promptly said "no!"  I hate winter and cold weather, so why would I miss the seasons?

After three years of living in San Diego, I will admit that I was wrong. I totally miss the seasonal changes.  I miss the feeling of cold and wanting to get cozy as summer creeps into fall; and I one hundred million times over miss the feeling of the first warm days of spring.  It is such a feeling of renewal and life, my favorite time of year.

Now that I have lived in San Diego three years, I notice extremely subtle season changes.  Just this week, I noticed birds chirping in a tree outside of my house.  Either it is becoming spring, or the bird family was sick of the cold and they came here.  Whatevs, the sound of the birds gave me the idea to indulge another obsession and post some of my favorite bird finds from Etsy.


{Clockwise from left}


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