Thursday, February 25, 2010

I need a new rug

A few months ago, my puppy (Finn) had an accident in which he both peed and pooped on the floor.  Well, to be exact, he peed on the hardwood floor and pooped on the rug by the couch.  He did all of this while my husband was in the shower (note- if you have a puppy, always let him or her out before you tend to yourself).

When Neil was finished getting dressed, he walked into the main room of our house, slipped on the puddle of pee and landed smack dab into the pile of shit.  If you know my husband, you will know that he doesn't handle things like this well and he freaked out. 

He tried to clean the rug with every bottle of cleaner in our house. (Chlorox Green Works? Check! Tilex? Check! Dish Soap? Check! Windex? Check! Carpet Cleaner? Surprisingly, no.)

As the minutes of scrubbing went on and the fumes of the various cleaners went to his head, he grew more and more frustrated.  The frustration resulted in him throwing the perfectly good rug into the trash.  Yes, he threw the 5' x 7' rug away.  In fairness, I hated the rug, so I was slightly pleased with Finn's clever shitting tactics and Neil's insane attempt at handling pretty much anything.

Months later (this was about 6 months ago) and I have yet to replace the rug.  They are expensive and I have two muddy dogs, so I don't need anything nice.  I would prefer to spend around $100, which can be a challenge.  A big challenge. I am pretty much limited to Ikea and Target.

Here is what I have found.  Which do you like the best? (I get that they are kind of boring, but like I said, I am faced with limited choices.)


  1. sounds like you should get a washable rug, and put down newspaper for the puppy! I like the sprayed lace or the last one, but that's me, I like patterns

  2. Great! I found your two blogs and I believe we met through The Green Haven. You are like a blonde version of myself. Very similar interests and we both work for the government,ha! I will be following your blog now.


  3. I like the last one the best. might order for my own house...

  4. Any one of the bottom four would be a winner (except that I don't care for Urban Outfitters, personally, so make that the bottom 3.)



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