Friday, January 15, 2010

Slade Smiley Makes Me Sick

Does anyone else want to punch Slade Smiley in the face? I sure do.

I could not believe that Slade and Gretchen invited Lynne and Frank over to give them parenting advice. Srsly? Slade has a son and rumor has it he doesn't pay child support and Gretchen? Well, her degree in psychology does not make her a parenting expert.

The entire dinner was so ridiculous.  I have never been a huge Lynne fan, but I was happy to see her stand up for herself and shoot down Gretchen and deadbeat Slade.

Slade giving "advice"

The psychic was my favorite part of the night. His name was Doogal and all the non-cultured women of the OC had to giggle at his silly name! Why is he not named Alexa or Kaden like normal kids? OMG!

They were all so rude and he called them all out, which was fantastic. They all turned red in the face, got defensive and said, "I don't believe that." Alexis really didn't believe it because she's a "Christian" and therefore far superior to any craziness that a psychic might spew.

In other news, Vicki's son has made $40,000 dollars playing internet do I get that job?! I am going to research that today while doing nothing in my cubicle.

Lately, I have been loving Vicki.  Last week she said "People who say money doesn't buy happiness are poor." And I just about died. Classic Vicki. This week, the psychic told her she had a really beautiful home, and rather than saying "thank you," Vicki said, "I know, I work really hard for it." Again, how can you not love that unabashed honesty.

Other than that, nothing happened. I am so over this season and ready for The Real Housewives of New York City! (Starting March 4th, mark your calendars.)  Here is what we learned from the sneak peek clips Bravo showed last night:

-Ramona is still crazy. I wager that she is crazier than ever.
-The Countess is still stuck-up and boring.
-Bethenney is still her sassy New York self, just now with a ring and a fiance and lots of entitlement.
-Kelly seems to be even dumber and more dramatic. Her fur vest was hideous.
-Jill is still my favorite housewife.
-Alex is still on the show, right? I don't remember seeing her.

And I am so excited for all their dramz.

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  1. I have this taped to watch as soon as the kids get on the bus today! It's like crack to me, addictive and in no way good for me.


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