Monday, January 11, 2010

Listmania! and Divorce in the O.C.

If you haven't quite gotten enough of all my lists, I have another one on AmazonAmazon has this great feature called Listmania! where attention seeking people, such as myself, can create a list for all Amazon users to see.

I created a list of all the books I want to read or use in 2010.  I say use because some of the books are craft books, cookbooks, or business books and I won't necessarily be reading them from cover to cover, but I hope to be utilizing them (or at least looking at the pictures).

Check out my Listmania!

Have you heard? Tamra "the bitch needs another A in her name" Barney is divorcing Simon!  Read about it here and here.

My thoughts?  I feel bad for her kids.  It's sad that their parents thought whoring themselves out for a reality show was a good decision.  I do not feel bad for Tamra or Simon.  They obviously do not have their priorities straight (and that is coming from yours truly, who doesn't really have her priorities straight either...).

The marriage is over....

I am not going to re-cap last Thursday's The Real Housewives of Orange County because it was a snooze fest.  All I remember is Don crying a lot and Alexis going to "church."

I always wait until the show is about 30 minutes in, and then watch it on DVR (no pesky commercials).  At one point, I was fast forwarding through a commercial break and realized I had been fast forwarding part of the show.  So, I backed it up and realized I had fast forwarded through Alexis and Jim's "church" service. 

I thought it was a muthaf*cking Pepsi commercial from 1994.  No joke.

One other rewind was when I spotted a commercial for the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City.  I am excited for relief from the tackiness that is the O.C.

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  1. You live in ghetto San Diego the most drug infested ghetto nest that created Kendra Wilkinson and so you are jealous of the much more beautiful Orange County above you guys. Sorry you suck ;)))))))))

    Paris Hilton.


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