Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Best and The Worst of 2009

As I hope you have all noticed, it's a new year!  I love the new beginning slash fresh start feel of a new year.  I also love to look back ove the past year and reflect on how far I've come (or regressed...) and all that has come into my life.   

This list is a little random.  Just a fun top 10 Best and Worst  list of things I discovered or things that came into my life this past year.  Obviously many of the things below were not "new" in 2009, but they were new to me.

The Best of 2009 (in no particular order)........

1. Finn - My new puppy.  My husband gave me Finny for our one year wedding anniversary.  He is sweet, very smart, and very, very nervous.  He is afraid of almost everyone and everything and is a ball of anxiety (I think he takes after my husband).

Baby Finn - Ohhhhh, so ca-ute!

2. Netbooks - I think these were invented before 2009, but I got mine in 2009 and oh, I love it so!  It's an HP and so mini and perfect. 

3. BBM - (that's BlackBerry Messenger, for you non-BlackBerry users)  Again, probably was invented before 2009, but it came into my life last year.  It is genius.  I can BBM any other BlackBerry user for free and I tend to BBM for a large portion of my work day.  My BlackBerry is one of my favorite gadgets ever.  It completes me.  Seriously, they should use me in a commercial.

4. Elsie -My sweet little baby niece was born in 2009.  She has the fattest thighs I have ever seen and is the best little baby ever! Love, love, love her.

Sweet Little Munchkin!

5. My Freelance Writing Business and Etsy Shop (Acute Designs) - I am happy to say both of these things motivate me and interest me so much that I would like to do them on a full time basis. Just need to generate some more profit.....

6. Wii Fit - I know, I know, it's amazing.  Fuel the economy and go get one.  Love it.

7. Lady GaGa - I am certain she existed before 2009, but I didn't know about her.  She has been a fantastic addition to my eardrums.

GaGa, ooh la la

8. Paul Galvin - I have known about him for a while, but I realized in 2009 just how good-looking he is.  My husband is jealous of my love for him, and he should be.

The best reason to watch Gaelic football....

9. My Blogs -  I love them both so much.  Taste was my first and then came Useless Endeavor.  Both blogs were a cure to my work boredom but have ended up exposing me to a world I never knew existed and that I love.

10. Richard Lawson - He was the inspiration behind the title of this blog and one of the funniest ever.  His ridiculous TV show recaps and reviews have made me laugh on a weekly basis.

The Worst of 2009 (again, in no particular order)

1. Gout - Who knew this was still a disease/ailment?  My poor husband has been diagnosed with The Gout.  He has had some terrible pain and worst of order to minimize the pain, he has nearly cut meat and alcohol  from his diet.  Not an easy task for an Irishman. 

2.  Nail Biting - I have always been a nail biter, but this year was worse than ever.  I blame the horridness that is my nails to my extremely boring job.  Any quitting suggestions? 

3. The Sarah Palin Nation - I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Her.  Please American media, please stop discussing the awfulness that is Sarah Palin.

4. Weight Gain - Apparently, when you reach a certain age, you cannot take six months off from working out and eat whatever you want without gaining ten pounds.  I learned this the hard way.  Anyone who says that phrase, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" is anorexic.

5. The end of Lipstick Jungle - Laugh if you want, but this was a good show and I really miss it.  Bring it back NBC!

6. Oprah is leaving me us - Deep down I am happy for her, but damn am I going to miss her show.

7. Skunks - My older dog, Gordita, was sprayed by a skunk last January and it was the worst.  I can still smell it on my couch if I lay just so and every time I smell a skunk's spray, I can taste it in the back of my throat.  Warning - If your dog ever gets sprayed, do not let her inside the house!

Gordita smelled for about 6 months...she's lucky she's so cute.

8. Kim Zolciak’s Song - Yep, it's that bad.

My ears are bleeding

9. Birthers - Really?  I mean, really? If you don't agree with someone's politics, that's fine.  Stop attacking the person, attack the ideas.  Both sides of the political coin need to get better at this.  Ahhh, if only I could rule the world...

10. SNL - I hate to put this on the worst list because I love it.  Correction, I want to love it.  The hosts ad musical guests are usually good and the cast are funny...but I never laugh.  Is it me? Or is it the writing? I am a loyal fan, that's why it is on my worst list.  Come on SNL, you can do better in 2010!

There you have it, my best and worst of 2009.  What's on your list?


  1. ooh, fun idea! I wonder if I can think of my own list...

    btw, I love your background. :)

  2. Totally agree about Palin. She needs to fall into a black hole!

  3. It's a hard choice between the puppy and the baby, but I have to choose the baby! She's a doll!

    I don't bite my nails, but I compulsively bite my cuticles! It's gotten much worse lately :(

  4. I know! They are both so cute....

    I am desperate for biting my nails. People tell me it looks bad or un-ladylike, but they don't know how good it feels!

  5. I just saw the EJ made your list! I will be sure to tell her when I pick her up today. Your post made me laugh out loud. Love it.


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