Thursday, December 03, 2009

It Looks a Little Bit Like Christmas in Here!

By "in here" I mean my house and by "little bit" I mean I put up my scrawny fake tree and random ornaments I have collected over the years. 

I love Christmastime.  I pretty much love the period between my birthday at the beginning of November all the way through New Years.  It's January 2nd though Mid-April that I hate, but I am not going to think about that now.

Last weekend I bought (or made) and wrapped all the gifts for my family in Ireland, today the tree went up, and over the next few weeks there is going to be a Christmas cookie party in my kitchen.  (Check out my foodie blog, Taste, for the recipes.)

Without further ado, I give you my humble will notice four stockings this year because we adopted a puppy in April (have I ever mentioned him?).

It looks like a real tree! Right? Just lie to me. Thanks.

Hopefully someone fills my stocking this year...

Sweet little Santa Paws

Santa and her little elf

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  1. OMG - Those pics are so cute! Even Gordy looks good as Santa Paws:) can't wait to come visit. We aren't putting a tree up this year...just decorated the mantel and a few other little things. I know, shocking for me. Steve was so relieved.


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