Wednesday, October 07, 2009

They’re Back!!!!

Reunion shows are stupid, lame, tacky, done for the wrong reasons…yeah we get it. These are the reasons Larry David (Seinfeld creator and writer) never wanted to do a Seinfeld Reunion show.

Larry David has his own show called Curb Your Enthusiasm, on HBO. Larry plays himself on CYE. He lives in L.A. is rich from writing Seinfeld, his wife leaves him, and he does meaningless (and hilarious) stuff all day long…similar to the characters on Seinfeld.

At times, CYE can be annoying because David is self centered, kind of a jerk, and a putz. However, all of his idiosyncrasies are also funny. It is funny to watch Larry get himself in unlikely, “Seinfeld-esque” situations.

In short, Larry David is the living George Costanza. Watching CYE feels a little bit like watching a modern day L.A. version of a Seinfeld episode, and this is why I gravitate towards it.

The idea of the “Reunion” is based on the premise that Larry is constantly harassed by NBC to do a Seinfeld Reunion show. Since reunion shows are decidedly tacky, he decides to one up everyone and do the reunion on his own show.

Genius! Higher ratings for his own show, while still doing a reunion and getting the chance to remind us that he hates sitcom reunions; thus, not selling out by doing a network reunion.

The idea is too perfect; it almost worries me…what if it isn’t funny?? The first of several episodes about the reunion was on last Sunday (Oct 4th), and it was funny. It felt like old times.

If you haven’t seen it, Youtube it or look for it on HBO.

This is why I think it’s worth a watch:
  1. When all four cast members (Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer) enter a scene together for the first time, my heart felt like bursting. It was just good to see old friends back together again.
  2. The interaction between Larry David and the cast members is amusing. It is great to see the actors playing themselves interacting with Larry.
  3. Larry getting himself into trouble with the president of NBC because he won’t let anything go is reminiscent of the humor that made Seinfeld a success.

In all probability, The Curb Your Enthusiasm version of a Seinfeld reunion is the closest we will ever get to an actual Seinfeld reunion.  Doing it this way is fitting and it’s the best way they could have done it.

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  1. I don't have HBO anymore so will have to try to figure something else out. I am dying to see it.


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