Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holly Montag is NOT an Alcoholic and Team Olivia!

This week’s episode of The Hills portrayed Heidi’s chipmunk cheeky sister, Holly, as the resident alcoholic.

This is what happened: Holly goes to a party with Heidi, Dr. Evil (Spencer), and Spencer’s sister, Stephanie. Holly takes shots, gets drunk, has a dance off (which looked so fun!), and stumbles around. Then, the new girl playing Stephanie Pratt tells Heidi that she’s super worried about Holly. Which is actually really funny since Steph got a DUI last weekend after leaving Holly’s birthday bash.

Oh no! Holly is drunk, but who is that girl with Heidi?

Steph suggests that Heidi talks to Holly and that she brings Spencer for support. Oh, that will be great. Who wouldn’t want Spencer around during an intervention?

Once Heidi finds out about Holly’s drinking, she is so worried! Heidi is boring and stays home trying to make sure Spencer is happy, so she doesn’t realize that it is completely normal for young 20 year olds (rich young 20 year olds) to go out and party. Heidi talks to Holly and is so concerned. Spencer tries to be nice.  He even goes as far to empathize with Holly because he is just like her.  Holly is the long haired version of Spencer. Oh no she is not.  That is way worse than being an alcoholic...just be an alcoholic.  Please.

Holly says that she will end her relationship with alcohol and orders a margarita for lunch because you know, it’s margarita-thirty! Heidi looks proud of herself for saving poor Holly from a life of alcoholism.

Holly is going to quit drinking, yay! But she has to have a margarita first.

I have a good friend who lives in the same small Coloradan town that the Montag girls are from and she knows for a fact that Holly is not an alcoholic. She is my inside source.  Don't mess with me MTV.

So there you have it -  The Hills lied. Again.

The City is on after The Hills. It is a spinoff of The Hills, which is a Laguna Beach spinoff.  MTV never stops.  I love it all.  I think I like The City more than I like The Hills, but I have no idea why.  I do know that I probably have spent too much time thinking about both of these shows.

Whitney, the star of The City, is too pathetic; she needs to stand up for herself, but I still like her.  This week’s episode was not very exciting.  Let’s see, Whit goes to a party and meets an overly tan young fella who she will date for an episode. I think he might be worse than Aussie rocker Jay.
Whitney's ex-coworker, Olivia, attends an Elle party where she mingles and wows everyone with her humongous, freaky eyes and midget like features and impeccable style. Olivia’s coworker, Erin hates her and she hates that Olivia is rich and a “social” so therefore, she already knows most of the important people at the party.

I have never liked Olivia. She is so easy to hate.  However, Erin’s whining and complaining about Olivia is actually making me hate Erin more.  I think I might be on Team Olivia.

I hate you Olivia.

Erin here’s a tip – since everyone already hates Olivia, you could have easily won, but you blew it.  Don’t complain to your boss so much, it’s annoying and don’t play the victim, also annoying.  Also, do not do such blatantly rude things, like roll your eyes or give Olivia dirty looks…all of this makes you look like you don’t know how to be a bitch.  A good bitch character isn’t so obvious about.  Take a lesson from Olivia; she has got that bitch thing down.

Erin better be careful or MTV will replace her, just like they replaced the old Stephanie Pratt.

Go Team Olivia!


  1. i am so with you on the whole olivia/erin thing - the fact that erin talks out of only one side of her mouth really bothers me more than olivia's perfect-ness. team olivia!

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